Information and Telecommunication Technologies

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... grants advisory services in the three main aspects: computer programming, computer technologies and facilities management; business administration advisory services; public relations and communication activities

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We possess years of professional experience and client reliance to create effective solutions that work for the benefit of your company and your associates.

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We empowers business owners to take control of their business, before their business starts to control them.

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    Computer programming, information processing technologies and facilities management:

    • Testing, updating, retrofitting and supporting computer software;
    • Planning and designing computer systems that combines computer hardware, software and telecommunication technologies;
    • On-the-spot management, operations with client’s computer systems and/or data processing resources, associated support services.

    Business administration advisory services:

    • Strategic stewardship;
    • Financial, promotion, cadre;
    • Business administration;
    • Procurement and other management advisory services.

    Public relations and communication activities, advancement services and other coordination service activities:

    • External communications (EC);
    • Internal communications (IC);
    • Connection with media;
    • Advertisement;
    • Corporate social responsibility (CSR);
    • Interest representation;
    • Corporate sponsorship;
    • Advancement.